I live to the left of nowhere, in a dream of a white house with wooden floors, a sun porch, and windows, windows, windows. It’s a writer’s haven with a perpetual sweet breeze, the gentle strummings of an acoustic guitar. And coffee. Can’t forget the coffee.

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  • Rocketman

    You are a brilliant and diverse woman and a true asset to other creators…. I am able to say that with true knowing and the authority that this experience of knowing has afforded me….
    I am pleased and surely privileged to know you as I do…. You are one of the most dedicated women that I have ever known and your talent, drive, experience and dedication are found only in those we often call “enlightened”…. I sincerely wish you all the success and joy that this project may bring to you!…. I humbly Thank You for the kind and beautiful expansion that this knowing and experience has delivered to me…. and I am sure that your kind manifestations will now help to guide and inspire the joyous expansion of other fine creators…
    With kind regards~

  • seasonharperfox

    Hey, Rocketman,

    It’s wonderful of you to stop by, and thank you for the positive comments.

    I’m eager to build this into an inspiring (and fun!) experience for artists everywhere.

    Would love to trade links with you when you get your blog up and running.


  • Leonard

    Not a writer, but, saw your comments about the Grady, NM post office. Jake and Fairene were good people. I last saw them in, I think, 2003 when I passed through Grady on my way back from Japan. They were good people.

  • season

    Thanks for the note. They really were good folks. They (and the girls) made life a lot easier way back when. Funny how Grady hasn’t changed much over the years.

  • vinnycusenza

    Hello, Season!

    Although our last email exchange was more than ten (!) years ago, I have often thought about the gentle, persuasive guidance you gave me during the online GWW Fiction course I took with you in the fall of 2003. And not only your guidance, but your inspirational praise for my work. That’s the kind of feedback that has kept me going over the years.

    I kept every nugget of insight you offered us on the elements of good fiction writing, and somehow, after a decade of percolation, it has all come back to me like a lost friend, and I am thrilled to say that it has taken me, at long last, to where I am today: the author of my very first full-length novel!

    Is there a way I can correspond with you privately about my work?

    Thanks, Season, for being out there!


    P.S. I just reread the following from you, in an email dated 1/17/2004, that still inspires me: “You’re one of those writers whose gifts seem, to me, simply THERE (innate). All I can say is, whatever that “thing” is that true writers (true artists) possess–you’ve got it. Don’t let anyone tell you different.” Chills. Still, I feel chills.

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