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Soon, soon…

Some readers may be wondering when the interviews will be up. Sometime Monday the 4th I’ll have Interview #1 posted.

Thanks for checking back!

Not just spinning my wheels

I’m back from my travels, yes, and will be working on interview questions over the weekend. Or, hmm, maybe I hadn’t mentioned I was going. Took a trip to the high country. After thirty years away from those Fourteeners in Summit County, it was eye opening.

But back to future blogging: Of course, we have to give Mystery Daniel time to respond, but he’s one of those people who lights the fire under his own…feet (if you think I’m editing myself to avoid “language,” I’m not. I just thought I’d step away from the cliché).

Anyone out there get into affirmations? You might think I’m Woo Woo after this, but think what you will. It doesn’t toss sand into my oatmeal, you know?

Check this out if you dig positive thinking and that sort of thing. If you don’t, then no one’s pushing. Exercise your free will, hey?

I love this!

Your Thoughts..

And speaking of thoughts…

I’ll be back sooner than you think.